• Hunter
  • Concern
  • Turin Brakes - Dark On Fire
  • Grey Goose Vodka Brand Film
  • Clic Sargent - Jack
  • Swarm by Random International

Selection of Credits:

Hunter Original A/W commercial/brand Film - Offline and Online.

Collaborating with the amazingly creative director Mat Maitland, (Famed for his cool art work for Michael Jackson, Basement Jaxx and many others) We matched and pushed Hunter's quest in modern alternative fashion, creating a highly visual adventure into the surreal.

Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight Club/Friday Night Feast - Channel 4 - Fresh One - Online and Off-line.

Jamie Oliver and his mate Jimmy have a good laugh down the end of a pier with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr and Gary Barlow, Ellie Goulding and Tinie Tempah. Squeezing the creative juices out of them and challenging their culinary skills.

HeliBASE 74 - Epic TV - Onlines x 5.

Director Alan Sim documents, HeliBASE 74. This unprecedented wing suit flying event resulted in some of the most impressive and dangerous human flight video footage ever captured of proximity flights following the extreme contours of the Alps. Series is dedicated professional wingsuit pilot and James Bond Stunt double Mark Sutton, who tragically lost his life during the shooting of this event.

Grey Goose Vodka, Brand Films - Offline and Online x 2.

Working with "Monsieur" Marcus Liversedge, we follow the life cycle of Grey Goose Cherry Vodka. The culture of "Cherise Noir", nurture, harvest and the art distilling, to make high-end vodka using little cherries from the Basque region.

Commercials - Various Charity and Brand campaigns - Online, Offline Versioning and post-producing x 1000s.

Working with small to massive clients with national and international deliveries. Whether they are a small lovely charities like Clic Sargent or big brands like Hunter Original I tune into what they stand for, creating emotive and engaging adverts. I'm very proud to help with charity advertising raising millions with DRTV and awareness campaigns. Even if it's a relatively small way (compared to field work), they help raise awareness and much need donations that make a huge difference to lives all over the world.

David Guetta, Nothing But The Beat film trailer - Partizan - The Cut London - Offline.

Secondary editor working with the affable and funny Huse Monfaradi and always cool Jamie Mac, founder of The Cut London.

Turin Brakes - Dark On Fire - Virgin Records - straight on-line x 2 music videos (MTV Ver & Dir. Ver). Nominated for Soho Shorts and Winner of Super Shorts

A game of Cowboys & Indians, this music video is beautiful and cinematic with a sinister edge. Directed by the ever lovely Shelly Love. (An amazing Bjork meets Tim Burton storytelling creature)

Various TV Pilots and Tasters - Predictable, Super Hero, Room 414 - Offlines

Helping develop TV shows ideas, giving a taste of youth culture, lifestyle and comedy.

I'm Spaztictus - Zeitgeist TV - Online x 6

With the lovely and very hard working Gemma Rawcliffe, we worked on hidden camera comedy shows with an all-disabled cast, challenging preconceptions and stereotypes, playing pranks on the unsuspecting public and celebrities.

The Swarm - James Harris Photography - rAndom International Artists.

Directed various art promos for acclaimed installation artists rAndom International. Shot in collaboration with photographer James Harris. Exploring nature within man made forms.

Various promos - BDA - Universal, Discovery Channels, Hallmark, DIVA, ScFi Channels - Concept, scripting, music, off-line and post-producing.

Working as a "Creative" producing and editing various promos, promoting films and TV drama series. Such as CSI, The Closer, Stargate, The Mentalist, Out of Sight, Mercury Rising and Sinbad.

Bryce Aime, Fashion film - Directed and edited

London Fashion Week film, documenting show preparation, catwalk and after party of the polygonic angular style and Rihanna favourite, Bryce Aime.

Various one-off documentaries - Bethnal Films - Al Jazeera - Onlines x 6

Telling untold stories of poor and marginalised people, covering survival and human rights issues from around the world.

Worlds Worst Disasters - Nugus Martin - BBC Worldwide - off-line x 11, 46min Eps

Archive based documentary series about the worlds deadliest natural disasters in recent history. Amazing footage, stories and personal accounts of Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Avalanches, Floods and Volcanoes.

Britain In The 90s - Nugus Martin - Sold Worldwide (BBC in the UK) - off-line x 10, 52min Eps.

Nostalgic and factual archive based documentary. Covering pop culture, trends, politics, scandals, world conflicts, sports, the Royals and major news events such as Poll tax riots.

Various promos - The Travel Channel (Broadcast Globally) - straight on-line (no off-line) x 100s.

Working with the lovely Travel Channel team promoting holiday, adventure and worldwide travel shows. Often felt like being on exotic, far flung holidays travelling around the world from a central London edit suite.

Travel On - Arqiva - The Travel Channel (Sold Globally) - straight on-line (no off-line) x 6, 30 min Eps.

Honest insight into top and unusual holiday destinations, exploring culture and a sense of adventure with the multi-talented director Stuart Dunlop.